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Club Dining

  • Riverside's Pub provides a warm and welcoming environment for member lunch, dinner and weekend breakfast service.
  • Enjoy a relaxing dinner in the dining room or on the balcony, which offers a grat view of the finishing hole.
  • The Fireside Lounge provides a warm, cozy atmosphere to enjoy cocktails with family and friends.

- Riverside Pub is open Tuesday through Sunday. 
Please note: The Riverside Pub Menu is available to order Wednesday through Sunday only.

- Clubhouse Restaurant and Lounge is open Wednesday and Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday mornings 


Hours and Events

Riverside Pub Hours 

-Tuesday through Friday 10am- 7pm 
-Saturday through Sunday 7am- 7pm 
Pub menu available

Clubhouse Restaurant and Lounge Hours 

-Every Friday Evening 5pm - 8pm 
- Every Wendsday Evening 5pm- 8pm
Dinner menu available


Weekend Breakfast & Lunch

-Saturday 7am- 2pm 
- Sunday 9am - 2pm 
Brunch menu available

Please note during dining hours only that menu is available for dine in and take out